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Marketplace business simulations range from simple marketing games for introductory courses on the undergraduate level, to mid-level games for the capstone marketing strategy or new venture courses, to complex games designed for the integrative courses on the undergraduate, MBA and EMBA level.

Marketplace simulations are fully web-based, and the running on a sophisticated computer program that mimics the competitive, ever changing marketplace. As opposed to the traditional textbook-based course, the simulation exercise lets your students or managers learn and gain experience by making true-to-life business decisions. They deal with market analysis, strategy formulation, and management of strategy, and they see the immediate results of their actions. With this approach, they retain much more information than with the use of traditional learning methods. The simulation helps them internalize the important concepts of marketing and business management.

Marketplace offers a family of online business simulations, also referred to as difficulty levels. Each one is designed for specific business course or to fit various objectives of corporate training programs.

Benefits of Marketplace simulations

Learning by Doing: Through the experiential learning approach, Marketplace enables players to develop hands-on skills in marketing, management, finance, accounting, and manufacturing. In several decision rounds, players evaluate the market opportunity, choose a business strategy, evaluate the tactical options and make a series of decisions with profitability in mind.

Strategic Thinking and Competitiveness: Marketplace requires strategic thinking and team dynamics while using a combination of strategic business instruction, compelling market challenges, and a true-to-life simulation. The consequences of the players’ decisions are quickly reflected in the simulated marketplace. Players learn to adjust their strategy to become stronger competitors.

Financial Responsibility: The aspirations of the players are always constrained by the availability of cash and the firm’s profitability. By dealing within these constraints, players discover how their decisions affect the firm’s cash flow and profitability. This also motivates them to search for ways to expand cash and profit. As a result, they develop a keen understanding of financial management.

Interconnectedness of the Disciplines: The marketing decisions affect and are affected by the manufacturing decisions which are related to the finance decisions; the accounting information facilitates (or constrains) all decision-making; and team management issues affect everything.

Teamwork: The complexity of the simulation requires a division of the tasks and coordination among the team members; the many trade-offs force debate where players must learn to communicate effectively and fight for their ideas.

Meaningful Context: Business terms, principles, practices, and ways of thinking are employed within the natural context of starting up and running a business. Abstract ideas become grounded in real-to-life decision-making.



Core Business                                       Language


Business Primer                                       (EN, SP)

Business Fundamentals​                           (EN, SP)

Introduction to Business and Strategy​      (EN, SP)

Introduction to Marketing​                          (EN, SP)

Introduction to Accounting                    

and Finance                                               (EN, SP)

Marketing Courses                               

Introduction to Marketing​                          (EN, SP)
Strategic Marketing​                                   (EN, SP)
Advanced Strategic Marketing                  (EN)
Business Management                             (EN, SP)

Strategy Courses


Introduction to Business and Strategy​      (EN, SP)

Strategy and Business Policy                    (EN)

​Advanced Strategic Corporate Management  (EN)

​​Management Courses


Strategic Management​                              (EN, SP)

Strategic E-Commerce​                              (EN)

Strategy and Business Policy                    (EN)

Conscious Capitalism                                (EN)

​​Integrated Business Management             (EN)

​Entrepreneurship and New Venture Courses

Introduction to Business and Strategy​       (EN, SP)
Venture Strategy​                                        (EN, SP)

Conscious Capitalism                                (EN)

​International Corporate Management        (EN)

Advanced Management and Strategy courses

Strategic Corporate Management              (EN, SP)

International Corporate Management        (EN)

Advanced Strategic Corporate Management   (EN)

International Corporate Management        (EN)

with Real-time Economic Conditions                

International Corporate Management with (EN)  Outsourcing                                                      

Supply Chain courses

 ​​​Fundamentals of Supply                               (EN)

Chain Management​​​​    

Fundamentals of Channel Management​​​​      (EN)         

Xtreme Supply Chain Management             (EN)        Supply Chain and Channel Management    (EN)






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Ready to choose a simulation but not sure where to start? 

Try our Simulation Finder Tool

Ready to choose a simulation but not sure where to start? 

Try our Simulation Finder Tool

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