Author: Dr. Ernest Cadotte

Marketplace Live is a visually rich, realistic online business simulation. It is the successor of the Marketplace  simulation. Built on the robust simulation model and proven teaching methodology of its predecessor, Marketplace Live introduces a new interface with a realistic 3D environment, multimedia content and built in tools for real-time team collaboration.

The Marketplace Live game scenario revolves around the microcomputer industry, which is in its introductory stage of the product life cycle. The market consists of several international regions. Students form new venture firms, which develop the market. There are no established firms in the market and all teams start out with the same resources to ensure a level playing field.


Marketplace Live is a family of simulations with different levels of difficulty and disciplinary emphasis. Each simulation is designed for specific business courses. They range from introductory marketing simulations on the undergraduate level, to mid-level games for the capstone marketing strategy or new venture courses, to more complex simulations for the integrative courses on the undergraduate level.



















Core Business                                       Language


Business Primer                                       (EN, SP)

Business Fundamentals​                           (EN, SP)

Introduction to Business and Strategy​      (EN, SP)

Introduction to Marketing​                          (EN, SP)

Introduction to Accounting                    

and Finance                                               (EN, SP)

Marketing Courses                               

Introduction to Marketing​                          (EN, SP)
Strategic Marketing​                                   (EN, SP)
Advanced Strategic Marketing                  (EN)
Business Management                             (EN, SP)

Strategy Courses


Introduction to Business and Strategy​      (EN, SP)

Strategy and Business Policy                    (EN)

​Advanced Strategic Corporate Management  (EN)

​​Management Courses


Strategic Management​                              (EN, SP)

Strategic E-Commerce​                              (EN)

Strategy and Business Policy                    (EN)

Conscious Capitalism                                (EN)

​​Integrated Business Management             (EN)

​Entrepreneurship and New Venture Courses

Introduction to Business and Strategy​       (EN, SP)
Venture Strategy​                                        (EN, SP)

Conscious Capitalism                                (EN)

​International Corporate Management        (EN)

Advanced Management and Strategy courses

Strategic Corporate Management              (EN, SP)

International Corporate Management        (EN)

Advanced Strategic Corporate Management   (EN)

International Corporate Management        (EN)

with Real-time Economic Conditions                

International Corporate Management with (EN)  Outsourcing                                                      

Supply Chain courses

 ​​​Fundamentals of Supply                               (EN)

Chain Management​​​​    

Fundamentals of Channel Management​​​​      (EN)         

Xtreme Supply Chain Management             (EN)        Supply Chain and Channel Management    (EN)

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