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Meet The Team

The international team members have a minimum of 10 years business experience and have personally managed and led successful teams, departments and businesses. Each has their own unique business skill set coupled with a strong understanding of business and the ability to drive great business results through people & processes.

M: +57-1-316-628-0196

M: +1-740-531-0047

CI Management & Consulting LLC Founder

Mr. Giuseppe Faraco holds a double major degree from a well-known US college with advanced studies in business and finance, and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the leading private university in Colombia South-America. He has significant international experience and dual Italian-Colombian citizenship. In the same manner, Mr. Faraco has been investor in the stock market and real state since 1995. He speaks fluent Spanish and English, and has working knowledge of Italian. Also, he has worked as a marketing research analyst and business consultant (HRM & Finances). Mr. Giuseppe Faraco is currently working as the General Manager (CEO) of CI Managemente & Consulting LLC, national distributor of Innovative Learning Solutions Inc. (ILS) for Colombia, South America and some Spanish speaking countries and international translator (from English to Spanish language) of ILS.


  • Giuseppe Faraco: CEO of CI Management & Consulting LLC, ILS Authorized Distributor for Colombia and some Spanish speaking contries. Official translator of ILS learning tools (from English into Spanish language)

  • Mauricio Delgado Salas: Creative Director of CI Management & Consulting LLC

  • Dr. Uday S. Tate: International Consultant of CI Management & Consulting LLC

  • Javier Fischmann: International Consultant of CI Management & Consulting LLC, Bolivia

  • Dr. Ernest Cadotte: ILS Author (President) and Professor at University of Tennessee, EE.UU

  • Christelle MacGuire: Sales Representative of ILS, USA

  • Pam Childs: Accounting Administrator of ILS, USA

  • Susan Fredericks: Marketing Communications of ILS, USA

  • Support Team of ILS / E-bridge: USA and Bratislava

  • Dr. Gilbert YU: CEO of Finance One Management Consulting Co., Ltda and ILS Distributor for China

  • Dr Bob Out: Managing Director Interactive Learning Center, ILS Distributor for Netherlands

  • Dr. Hesham O. Dianana: Vice President & Managing Director and ILS Distributor for Cairo

  • Mr. Paul Choi: ILS Distributor for South Korea

  • Other world strategic partners

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