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NEWS FLASH // New! Microsimulations


What are the Microsimulations?


Microsimulations are optional skill-and-drill exercises that students can use within a Marketplace® Live Simulation. Each exercise takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete.



What is the purpose of the Microsimulations?


Over the years, we have seen that students using our simulations have difficulty mastering critical business skills such as customer value creation, resource management, evidence-based decision-making, operations management, and strategic thinking. To address these difficult business issues, we are creating a series of Microsimulations that will allow your students to explore these difficult business concepts at a more fundamental level.


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Dec 12, 2013

NEWS FLASH // The 36th Marketplace Live Tournament Fall 2013


What is the Marketplace Live Tournament?

The Marketplace Live Tournament provides participants with a realistic experience in managing an entire international firm. With a diverse mixture of teams from universities around the world, participants gain insight into the mindset and strategies of other players and cultures. The simulation competition is entirely web-based. The tournament will last 9 weeks.

Who can participate?

Business school students are welcome to participate. Any number of teams can participate from the same institution. A maximum of 6 participants per team will be allowed. 

Sep 25, 2013

NEWS FLASH // ILS Sustaining Business Membership with AACSB


Innovative Learning Solutions, Inc. would like to announce their new status in connection with The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. ILS has become a Sustaining Business Member of AACSB International. Since 1916, AACSB International has provided a platform for schools to resolve concerns.

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Feb 20, 2013

NEWS FLASH // Marketplace Simulation Translations

Both Marketplace and Marketplace Live have been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Lithuanian, and Korean.  Our global partners have translated numerous levels of the simulations.

Translating the Marketplace and Marketplace Live simulations are an important priority to Innovative Learning Solutions and its global distributors. However, the task of translating from English to other languages has provided a unique set of challenges. There are many dialectical and regional variations in languages. Standardizing the translation has proven to be a complicated venture, especially when there are differences in regional interpretation.

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Oct 2, 2012

NEWS FLASH // 2012 Partners Meeting in Hilton Head, SC ​ 

This summer, Innovative Learning Solutions and its global team of distributors ventured to Hilton Head, South Carolina for the 2012 Partners Meeting. The meeting served as an opportunity for business planning and goal-setting. As well, we ensured there was adequate time to socialize in friendly games of beach volleyball, waterside dinners, and an ecological boat excursion.


Each of the distributors, as well as the ILS departments, gave presentations on their progress, initiatives, and endeavors. Dr. Ernest Cadotte, the author of the Marketplace and Marketplace Live simulation families, led the workshop and discussions.

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​Oct 2, 2012

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