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The firm CI Management & Consulting LLC address a gap in the corporate market for high impact business and commercial acumen training. It promotes the entrepreneurship spirit in both fields, education (high school, technical institutes and universities) and business environment (small, medium and large sized corporations).


M&C distributes advanced learning tools of Innovative Learning Solutions Inc. (ILS) in some spanish speaking countries for educational institutions and business professionals. Its portfolio of products has a family of business simulations in the web (Web Marketplace, Marketplace Slim, Marketplace Live (3D), Microsimulations and  Retail Management Game) that helps institutions to develop better managers and create multi-functional corporate cultures, customer-oriented and guided to obtain profitability. It also provides technical support to instructors who use Marketplace in their Business programs.


In the same manner, the company is part of a worldwide network of distribution of ILS products which are used by over 600,000 participants through 650 business schools and 200 corporations in 57 countries. Marketplace simulations use the concept of "Learning by Doing", which offer integrated business experience recreating a real market, dynamic and competitive designed to fit both the distance learning and the traditional lecture format.

M&C has grown into a successful performance focused organization providing business simulations, licenses, seminars, conferences, coaching/training and consulting services across the country. Its network of experienced facilitators spans South America, North America, Europe and Asia.


​Through our constant pursuit of innovative learning tools and high quality service, we believe learning should be fun and contribute to the creation of the prosperous society.


​Provide state-of-the-art business simulations (learning tools) and training programs to the educational and corporate sectors.

Establish and maintain long-term relationships with customers by providing high quality products, professional service and technical support.


(Marketplace Products)​



Excellence Awards

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